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Safe custody of DeFi protocol by connection to BITBERRY

About us

What is Bitberry Finance?

DeFi is all about empowering users to manage their own asset without relying on centralized institutions. Though this can be liberating in many cases, it can represent a risk, since there are no chargeback features protection mechanisms in place to prevent users from losing their assets by hacking or other technical issues. Bitberry Finance is a decentralized autonomous organization as known as DAO that plans to solve above disadvantage by creating safe, easy, and profitable DeFi platform with merging pros of CeFi platform. Bitberry finance will be governed and operated with the help of Bitberry community through decentralize governance. The team supporting Bitberry Finance aims to continue the effort in delivering quality DeFi products to the community.

BBR Contracts

  • BitberryToken(BBR) : 0x7671904eed7f10808b664fc30bb8693fd7237abf
  • BBR Pool : 0x83f1C175cECC31E71283a87A2878B1040118ff38
  • fBBR : 0x3b297e358207f43d878f2a8a11a3ba49c54d0802
  • ZAP
Platform Design

Bitberry Finance plans to launch following products in near future

Item 1

FARM Yield farming

Liquidity Farming as a token distribution. Stake your token/LP tokens to harvest BBR token.

Item 2

ZAP One click staking

A Zap is an automated workflow that connects users’ action together. Bitberry Finance’s Zap feature will allow the users to directly exchange Ethereum into LP tokens while saving GAS costs by minimizing actions.

Item 3

Vaults best strategists

Vaults execute strategies to automate the best yield farming opportunities available. Vaults strategies contract using various cryptocurrencies can be also proposed by the community member who holds BBR. Vault strategy contributors are rewarded with some portion of yield generated by the vault.



Definition of fBBR mining token

1. fBBR acts as a miner in all of Bitberry Finance's yield farming, smart farms, and multi-farms.

2. In the case of Ce-Fi-related products, fBBR allows mining suspension and liquidation to occur simultaneously through immediate token burn when liquidation occurs.

3. In particular, users must possess fBBR in order to participate in any forms of farming in multi-farms. The number of farmers you can hire depends on how many fBBRs you have. (Details are opened when Multi-farm is activated)

4. fBBR is a token of the concept of a miner and does not have a specific price, but a penalty is imposed if the fBBR is lost or the number of fBBR borrowed by sending it to another place is not returned.

5. The fBBR is infinitely minted, and continuous burn occurs through liquidation.

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